Plastian the Little Fish

Printed on 20x28cm recycled paper, the 20 colorful pages depict the story of a brother and sister who embark on a sea adventure and become concerned by the amount of marine litter in the water. With the help of Plastian and other animal friends, they construct a trawl to collect the floating debris. The book is a useful instrument for those looking for educational material to work around this theme and can be used in schools, communities involved in beach cleanups or other awareness raising projects as well as for national and international marine litter related events.

Besides WFO, the book will have a minimum of three paying sponsors and a maximum of five paying sponsors per country, in proportion to the country’s population size.

Sponsors would benefit from the following:

- Their logo will be placed on the inside cover of the book;

- They will receive 200 copies of the book and may order more at a 20% sales price discount;

- They may distribute the book to parties of their choice;

- They may organize events promoting the book and also promote the book at other events, respecting all participating sponsors

- They may use the image of Plastian for promotional and educational purposes;

- They may communicate about the book in all media forms (social media, website, newsletters, etc.)


Readers of the book are invited to send in to WFO their ideas on solutions to the marine litter problem for which there will be a contest and award organized. In addition to the financial contribution, sponsors may also choose to participate in the concept of the contest in cooperation with WFO in that:

- They may organize events relating to the contest (launching, award ceremony, etc.) in that

- They may contribute to the award and to whom it is awarded

- They may communicate about the contest in all media forms

Other concepts related to the book can be discussed. Sponsorship agreements may be adapted in agreement with all parties involved. If you are interested in becoming a part of this project, please contact Marguerite to discuss how the concept of the project can be adapted to fit your needs.